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"Common Platform enable us to unite and march towards prosperity. Let's make this portal a key connecting online space!!"
-Manu Viswakarma

Lord Viswakarma


Viśwákarma (Sanskrit: विश्वकर्मा “all-accomplishing, maker of all,” “all doer”; Tamil: (விசுவகர்மன்) Vicuvakaruman; Thai: Witsawakam ;Telugu: విశ్వకర్మ ; Kannada: ವಿಶ್ವಕರ್ಮ ) is the personified Omnipotence and the abstract form of the creator God according to the Rigveda. He is the presiding deity of all craftsmen and architects. He is believed to be the “Principal Architect of the Universe “, and the root concept of the later Upanishadic Brahman / Purusha.

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[Viswakarma Online Integration towards Community Empowerment] VOICE – thanks you for visiting your website and this website is growing with your patronage. So we solicit your suggestions and comments regarding this website.

We want to make this site a THE community site and one stop for all the community information. We are working to reach through-out through out the world and want to address viswakarma community of all languages and regions.

Due to lack of a single platform (unity!), we are politically & socially neglected, marginalized not identified compared to some other communities. This is an hour of need to come together and address un-solved issues related to our community.

Let us use this platform to exchange our views.


We have

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Single Platform

It is very essential for us to create a single platform to address our issues and challenges, this will enable us to grow and prosper.

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Empower the Community

VOICE is striving to build this website and empower the community, we shall prosper once we have a common platform and address the challenges. Give your website a unique style that helps you get Your message across.

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Choose the right path

One of the best features of uDESIGN is choosing your colors and uploading image from the backend. You can completely change the look of your site in seconds.

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An Appeal

We are a dedicated team to serve the community and we would appreciate your involvement and contribution to this noble cause.

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Each one of us must strive to help Community to grow towards prosperity and make sure we have a common platform to address the ongoing issues. Let us know your views



Contribution to the Cause

We appreciate your visit the the website and eager to, "How do you plan to contribute to the cause of empowering the community, get in touch with you today. Contact us Now!!

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