Yagnjopaveedham/Sacred Thread

Yagnjopaveedham/Sacred Thread

Yagnjopaveedham is the symbol of brahmin and is a must one for male. Basically there are two types of sacred threads depending upon the head or the mudichu. Rudra mudichu and Bramma mudichu. It is convention that those who are  followers of adhi shaivam wears the rudra mudichu and one who follows veera vaishnavam use to wear the bramma mudhichu. As viswakarma community were decendants of bramma, all must wear  the bramma mudichu. But most of the people us use to wear the rudra mudichu assuming them as followers of shaivam.

Unmarried man must wear a single headed yagnjopaveedham containing three threads which must be wore at the time of Upanayana. A married man according to vedic principles must wear two headed sacred thread in which one is for upanayana and other for marriage ceremony. But, it becomes a practice to wear three headed yagnjopaveedham containing totally nine threads in which the third one is for  uthariyartham. The reason for that is every one must wear angavasthiram along the same way as the sacred thread pass our body i.e, from left shoulder to right hib. It is called bramma vasthiram. Since every one is engaged in different business, our style of dressing has been changed. In order to compensate for this we use to wear the third mudichu and that is called as the uthariyartham.


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