Different names of Viswabrahmin

http://wpdalya.com/commonwealth-bank-business-plan/ Different names of Vishwabrahmin and its meaning
Brahminism basically divided in to two groups.

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purchase college research paper It is only Vishwakarmabrahmins belong to PARUSHEYA Sect. Rest of all brahmins sects fall under Arsheya sect.
Vishwabrahmin are also known as Vishwakarma Brahmin since they have their origin from Lord Vishwakarma. They are called Panchal which means specialized in five different works; they are identical to Kavi, Madhvi, Suhastasour and Narashansha castes in ancient Vedic reference. They were called as rathakar because they used to make the chariot for ancient kings. In Madras they are called Kammalar. Vishwakarma Brahmins / Vishwa brahmins are called with the following names.

animesh datta phd thesis In South India:

research papers juveniles being tried as adults Achari
Kammara,Kambara,Pathara,Shilpi, Bhadigere,Shilpi,Kancgara, Shett.
Chari, South India

next In North India:

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Dhiman Brahmin
Jangid Brahmin
Maithil Brahmin

get link Whilst many goldsmiths are descendants of Brahmin ancestry, people of the Kshatriya caste have also adopted the works of Vishwabrahmins, in particular, Goldsmith and Jewellery work. For example, in the Punjab region of North India, another group of Vishwakarmas/Goldsmiths exist, the Mair Rajputs, who have descended from the Rajput warriors of Rajasthan.

see url Consequently, Vishwabrahmins have surnames that are similar to those of the Brahmin or Kshatriya caste. For instance:

enter site Brahmin: Verma, Sharma, Rao, Rastogi, Acharya/Achari, Chari, Jha, Ranjan, Dixit, Dhiman, Panchal
Kshatriya: Soni, Singh, Mair/Mayer/Mehr, Katta, Seth, Chauhan, Babbar, Rana, Sisodia, Gogna Shinh, Sehdev, Sudera, Kanda, Karwal

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