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The viswakarma online integration towards Community empowerment  (VOICE), is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing free knowledge to individuals about the community. Meeting this goal through the maintenance, development and distribution of free content, VOICE relies on advertisement / public donations to run its website.
VOICE intends to provide more information about our community and enlighten the public. The content of this website is provided to the public free of charge.

How your donation will help?

All of our contents are free for visitors. We rely entirely on donations to fund our projects. Our unprecedented growth in traffic and content requires regular website updates. Other outgoings include bandwidth costs, purchase of additional spaces as and when required.

Donation methods  

Contribution to the Cause

We appreciate your visit the the website and eager to, "How do you plan to contribute to the cause of empowering the community, get in touch with you today. Contact us

Reach the Community

Do you want to reach out to the community, contact us for advertising options on this website, contact us today!

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