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Judgements about Jangid Vishwakarma Brahmins

Judgements about Jangid Vishwakarma Brahmins

As you all know that Vishwakarma Brahmins are called with different last names in North INDIA like Jangid Brahmin,Dhiman Brahmin, Ramgarhia singhs,Panchal Brahmin etc.

There are many judgements in NORTH INDIA stating that Jangid Brahmins are Shudda Brahmins(Pure Brahmins) and Have equal right along with other sect of Brahmins to perform the sacred ritual poojas in any of the hindu temple.

The case was Filed on Hanuman datta Joshi(Marwari Brahmin) From calcutta,
by Deendayal Sharma(He is son of the great Ganga saheb, and secretary of Jangid brahmana maha sabha, New Delhi).


Sri Deendayal Sharma was humiliated by Hanuman datta Joshi, That Jangid Brahmins have no right to do the Ritual poojas in any hindu temple, and they are not allowed to wear the sacred thread. Joshi started publisihng articles in local magazines denigrating the Jangid Brahmins.
Sri Deen dayal Sharma, in His words During prosecution
Your highness, During Mahabaratha period, There was an area called JANGAL. It was called as Deva Brahmana Agraharam, and the Brahmins from JANGAL area are famous for their sacred ritual poojas, Yagnas, Architecture, and engineering skills. These sect of Brahmins in the later on days, spread all over nortren INDIA and Started keeping their last name as JANGAL,JANGIL, and slowely it became JANGID. This was proved and even accepted by eminent personalities from other sect of Brahmins, and Sri Parushurama Shastri, a Marwari Brahmin has even published this in his book BRAHMAMA VAMSHETI VRUTTAM about the highness of Jangid Brahmins. This book clearly articulates about the Brahmanatvam of Jangid Vishwakarma Brahmins.

Also, 46 Eminent Brahmin purohits From different sects of Brahmin Shakha, and from different nooks of Nortren INDIA, Has signed on an agreement accepting that Jangidi Brahmins are Shudda Brahmins and are an important sect of Brahmins To be given First Feliciation During any ceremony at Hindu temples. 7:16 pm (13 hours ago) Raghuram
Sri Deen Dayal Sharma, Has produced the Book BRAHMANA VAMSHETHI VRUTTAM written by marvali sect of brahmins accepting the highness of Jangid Vishwakarma Brahmins, and the Agreement signed by 46 Brahmin purohits accepting the brahmanatvam of Jangid Brahmins in the court.
Sri Deendayal Sharma, Has also Produced a Shasana of 450 years old and the Shilashasana details are like this.

BHARATHA MAHA DHARMA MANDALI – A Community formed by highly praised Brahmin purohits in NORTH INDIA. This purohits has written the Shilashasana about the highness and the Prathama satkara arhata to be given to Jangid Vishwakarma Brahmins in any ritual Performed in any of the hindu temple.
Sri Deen Dayal Sharma, also produced the Prosecution details of a case which took place some 40 years ago at the BHIKANEER SAMSTHANAM.

The BHIKANEER SAMSTHANAM given the verdict that the existence of Jangid Brahmins is there from the puranas Period. Jangid Brahmins are those sect of Brahmins who are known for their excellent knowledge in temple sculpture, Architecture and are the people to be feliciated first in any of the ritual performed at any hindu temple. Puraanas and the verses From Vedas, States that JANGID BRAHMINS are from SAGE ANGIRASA. They are decendents of this great sage.

The court on considering all these witnesses submitted by Sri. Deen dayal Sharma has Given a Verdict that Jangid Vishwakarma Brahmins have a right to do any of the sacred ritual poojas in any hindu temples, and these people have a right to do prana prathishta ( Installation if an Idol in temple). The court fined the Brahmin, Sri Hanuman Datta Joshi with a sum of 200 rupees and two months imprisonment for denigrating the Jangid Vishwakarma Brahmins, and for not able to prove his statements.

These were all the Different Verdicts given by various courts, and Samsthanams at different nooks of INDIA accepting the Prathama satkara arhata to be given to Vishwakarma Brahmins.
The entire Verdict details about JANGID Vishwakarma Brahmins case is published by his highness, Brahmashri. Swarna Subramanya kavi, in his book VISHWABRAHMANULAKU PRATHAMA SATKARA ARHATHA.

Tappu tambulamula sambaram – during pranaprathista

This is an interesting real incident happened in the year 1923.If you ask any of your grand parents or any old person about the story TAPPU TAMBULALA SAMBARAM,They will explain you. It is believed that in those days this incident was told as a story at each and every Vishwakarma Brahmin house.
This incident is about Degradation & Humiliation to a Vishwakarma Brahmin sculptor by Niyogi & Vaidika Brahmins, and getting the punishment. Please go though this real incident happened.
In the year 1923,In Andhra region,There existed a village by name KOLASAKOTA near by the town VANGAVOLU. At the Kolasakota Village, A landlord by name MOPARTHI RAMAKRISHNAIAH was living. He is from Kamma ( Chowdary ) caste and a very big landlord for the near by villages. He was known for his welthiness,and Devotism to Lord Shiva.On Fine day, Ramakrishnayya had a dream and Lord shiva ordered him to construct a shivalayam at the kolasakota village. He was very pleased with Lord Shiva order to him.

In the side by Village, KOPPERABADU, There was a well known TAKKELLAPATI Vamsha Vishwakarma Brahmin sculptor.Takkellapati Vamsham is known for their great sculptures. On one Shubha Muhurtha, Sri Ramakrishnaiah approached, His Highness, The Suvarna Kankana Dharana,Sri Sri.TAKKELLAPATI PHANIBHOOSHANACHARYULU.

Sri phanibooshanachary’s ancestors are very well known sthapathis, and Takkellapati vamsham is known for their sacred ritual process of pranapratishta.Takkellapati vamsha ancestors were one of the 300 kakathiya asthana shilpis. Phanibhooshanachary is very famous for the pranaprathistha and sculptry. Sri ramakrishnayya revealed about his dream to the sculptor and along with his wife feliciated Sri phanibhooshanachary, by placing a 1116 rupees, Fruits,Flowers,gandhaprasitha cloths and suvarna dakshina tambulam in a goldplate
After the feliciation, He requested Phani bhooshanachary to be the Prathana Shilpacharya, and sculpt a Gowri Shankara sametha shivalayam at his village kolasapaadu.
Phanibhooshanacharyulu, blessed the ramakrishnayya couple by recinting

Om namashivaya,
Shiva sankalpa masthu,
Aayam muhurtassu muhurthosthu,
Istha sankalpa siddirasthu!!

and received the Dakshina tambula plate.
Shri Phani bhooshanachary, accepted to be the prathana shilpacharya and has put a shubha muhurthas for sthala pariksha, temple planning and sculpting, and Prana Prathishta of idols of the temple construction.He inofrmed Ramakrishnayya that i am going to be in Shiva Deeksha until the construction of Shiva temple and asked him to chant Sri Maha pranava mantram every day 108 times in the morning.
Sri Phani Bhooshanachary, On Shubha muhurtha did the sthala pariksha and started the architecture planning for the temple. ramakrishnayya, arranged everything for the smooth construction of the temple. Shiva deeksha paritha Phani bhooshanachary, by concentrating on Lord shiva, starte sculpting the temple and it went on for the next 6 months.

Temple costruction was over and Phani bhooshanacharyulu did the pooja to lord shiva and kept 1924, Rakthakshi nama samvatsara, Maghamasa,Shubha muhurtha for prana pratishta of the idols in the temple.

Shri phani bhooshanacharyulu arranged the yagna yagadi homa kundam,Srukh suvadhulu,samidhalu,mrunmaya patralu, Tamra patralu.
Sri Ramakrishnayya has arranged 40 sacks of rice, 30 cartons of pure ghee for Brahmana samaradhana and invited 40 vaidika and niyogi Brahmanas for the prana prathishta.
To look after Ramakrishnayyas rice mill accounting works and his financial matters, he had a Gumastha ( accountant) by name Gullapalli Subbarayudu,a Niyogi brahmin.

Gullapalli subbarayudu, was unable to digest the first importance given to Phanibhooshanacharyulu during idol installation and was very jealous on him as ramakrishnayya was respecting the sculptor and feliciating him.

Subbarayudu, Called 200 Niyogi & vaidic brahmins, from the near by villages to come to kolasapaadu on the day before prana prathishta.All the 200 niyogis came in to the temple and were standing infront of it. Sri Phani bhooshanachary, as the next day was the prana prathishta,was busy with the yagna yagadi homagundam preparation, and not looked at these huge crowd coming in to the temple. Ramakrishnayya,went to tte near by villages to invite his relatives for the vigraha pratishta.All the 200 niyogi & Vaidic brahmins rushed in to the temple.Chadavalada Venkaiah, a Vaidic Brahmin, Caught the neck of Phani bhooshanachary, and started pulling bhooshanachary’s yagnopaveetham forcibly, and said:::: bhooshanachary, you Vishwakarma,Never again dare to step in to any temple for doing the Vigraha Pratishta, Never do this mistake again by stepping in temple. Ikkada evaro oka brahmanuniki Tappudu tambulam ichhi tappu oppuko…….
bhooshanachary, who was in Shiva deeksha until the prana prathishta was helpless and got bewildered by looking at Subbarayudu, who was one among them.One of the Brahmin forcibly put the betal leaves, a sum of 5 rupees and some nuts, in bhooshanachary hands and asked to give the tappudu tambulam to Subbarayudu. Subbarayudu, He himself dragged the tambulam from bhooshanachary hands and started laughing at him. 200 brahmins teased Bhooshanachary and left the temple.
Some how, This news went to Ramakrishnayya wife, and she rushed to the temple. Bhooshanachary was seated on the floor, with his cloths torn, Sthanabramsha yagnopaveetha, and tears filled eyes. Ramakrishnayya wife fell at the legs of Bhooshanachary and asked for apologies, and she rushed to her husband and explained the humiliation to the sculptors done by the niyogi & vaidics along with subbarayudu

Ramakrishnayya roused to anger, went to te temple, Asked for aplogies to sculptor bhooshanachary. Oh lord, Acharyottama, Please forgive me. Please forgive the humiliation you faced at my village by my village brahmins and their relatives. I will teach a lesson to them. Please fogive me.
Ramakrishnayya, called his men from the near by villages.Every body waited until the next morning. As the next day was prana prathista, Every body came to the village and also the 200 niyogi & Vaidic brahmin families. Ramakrishnayya and his men, Invited the 200 Brahmins in to seperate anna dana satra room, closed the doors. Ramakrishnayya, jumped in to the room in anger, with a folded rope in his hand and ordered his men to tie the 200 brahmins to the poles. ramakrishnayya, in anger shouted at them and started saying, You Brahmanas, whos plan was this??? and why you all did this??? The brahmins started shivering by looking at the angry Ramakrishnayya and they told that it was Subbarayudu plan to degrade and humiliate the Vishwakarma sculptor. Subbarayudu and chadalavada venkaiah, Questioned the brahmatvam of Vishwakarmas, for doing the prana pratishta.

In the Debate, His Highness, Sri Phani bhooshanacharyulu, Showed the Vedic References, about Lord Vishwakarma, and pancha Brahma Gothra pravara, Pancha rishis vrutti and their arrogant mouths were shut. They accepted the Brahmanatvam of Vishwabrahmins and all the 200 brahmins feliciated the Vishwakarma sculptor phanibhooshanacharyulu.
Sri ramakrishnayya, ordered the brahmins to keep 10 rupees in betal leaves with nuts and take the Rettimpu tappudu tambulam From bhooshanachary towards the mistake done by them. Brahmins fell to bhooshanachary feet and took thhe tambulam.
On the exact time ofshubha muhurtha, Sri phani bhooshanacharulu, did the shastroktha, sacred Vigraha pratishta. Every one who attended the event were happy and laughed at the ignorance of the niyogi brahmins and said This is these people tappudu tambula sambram………..
In this way this incident became famous as

After this His Highness, Sree Phani bhooshanacharyulu also sculpted and did the prana pratishta at

In the year 1925 – Performed the Vigraha pratishta at KAKUMANU Village in the poleramma temple.
In the year 1926 – Vigraha pratishta at PAMIDIVAARIPALEM village in the anjaneyaswamy temple.
In the year 1927 – Vigraha Prarishta at KANKATAPALEM village in the seetaramanjaneya swamy temple.
In the year 1928 – Performed Grama nadi boddu rayi pratista in ABBINAGUNTAPALEM village.
In the year 1932 – Performed the Amma Vari vigraha pratishta at TURLAPAADU.
In the year 1948 – Performed the Amma vari Vigraha Puna Pratishta at KAKUMANU village.
In the year 1951 – Performed the Navagraha pratishta at APPIKANTLA village.
In the year 1951 – Performed the Linga pratishta at PUNDLA shivalayam.
This great sculptor bacame famous as UDDANDA PANDITHA STHAPATHI.
Dear Vishwakarmas, Lets salute this Great Vishwakarma Brahmana sculptor UDDANDA PANDITHA STHAPATHI BIRUDANKITHA SREE SREE PHANIBHOOSHANACHARYULU……..

Source of information;
This real incident is published by Sri Subramanya kavi in his book
Vishwabrahmanulaku prathama satkara arhatha.


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