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Article Submission

We request you to submit articles or writeup relevant to community and share the knowledge that you posses.
Types of Articles Accepted

Articles which are factual and relevant to our community and author can express his opinion on the contemporary topic or past one.

A strong article will help the members to understand our rich heritage and history.

Include a brief biography including current position, background, professional affiliations, and books or articles published.

Submit material in English, the author’s preferred language or both. Non-English language articles are encouraged. Please discuss this with us, , prior to submission.

Author Acknowledgment of Copyright

Citations or copyright acknowledgements are needed for any materials that are not solely the original creation of the author. When submitting work to us, these copyrighted materials must be clearly identified to ensure that proper attribution and credit is given to the original copyright holder. Typically this information falls into one of two categories:



Written material that is not the original idea or creation of the author should include a citation in the form of an endnote. This includes paraphrased material from another source.
Direct quotations should include context within the running text.
If a large amount of text is to be quoted, formal permission from the copyright holder may need to be requested.


Graphics include, but are not limited to, figures, tables, photographs and diagrams.
Any graphic from an outside source must have a complete citation line when submitted with the draft.
Graphic image files should be submitted with the draft.
Any graphic material that is adapted from a third-party source or uses third-party source material requires a citation or reference indicating this.

Citation/Reference Lines

Citations and references should include at a minimum:
Author(s), if applicable
Title of book, book chapter, article and/or webpage, if applicable
If an article, title of magazine or publication
If a book, name and location of publisher
Date of publication
Complete URL, if applicable
Original figure number and/or location/page number of material used

Requesting Permission
Periodicals authors must make all permissions requests and be able to provide proof of permission upon request. VOICE reserves the right to refuse/replace any copyrighted material.

Any questions pertaining to permissions and/or copyrighted material can be sent to

Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are acknowledged by the staff upon receipt. Manuscripts are subject to review by two or more members of the Journal review team.

The process generally takes few weeks, depending on the length of the article, its complexity, and the anticipated date of publication or the topic’s relevance to upcoming themes. When the review process is complete, authors will be informed of the reviewers’ comments and recommendations regarding publication.

Each article published in the site becomes part of the Journal’s overall copyright, as specified in the Author Warranty and Copyright Assignment form that authors are asked to sign.

Accepted articles are usually published within three to six weeks of their acceptance.
Manuscripts for publication in the website are edited for grammar and according to The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage and the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary ( Significant content revisions are returned to the author to be made.

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