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Lord Viswakarma in Veda

Lord Viswakarma in Veda

Rig Veda, Book.10 (Translated. by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1896])

The hymns 81 and 82 put together forms the viswakarma suktam of Rig veda.
HYMN 81. Visvakarman.

1. HE who sate down as Hotar-priest, the Ṛṣi, our Father, offering up all things existing,—
He, seeking through his wish a great possession, came among men on earth as archetypal.
2 What was the place whereon he took his station? What was it that supported him? How was it?
Whence Visvakarman, seeing all, producing the earth, with mighty power disclosed the heavens.
3 He who hath eyes on all sides round about him, a mouth on all sides, arms and feet on all sides,
He, the Sole God, producing earth and heaven, weldeth them, with his arms as wings, together.
4 What was the tree, what wood in sooth produced it, from which they fashioned out the earth and heaven?
Ye thoughtful men inquire within your spirit whereon he stood when he established all things.
5 Nine highest, lowest, sacrificial natures, and these thy mid-most here, O Visvakarman,
Teach thou thy friends at sacrifice, O Blessed, and come thyself, exalted, to our worship.
6 Bring thou thyself, exalted with oblation, O Visvakarman, Earth and Heaven to worship.
Let other men around us live in folly here let us have a rich and liberal patron.
7 Let us invoke to-day, to aid our labour, the Lord of Speech, the thought-swift Visvakarman.
May he hear kindly all our invocations who gives all bliss for aid, whose works are righteous.
HYMN 82. Visvakarman.

1. THE Father of the eye, the Wise in spirit, created both these worlds submerged in fatness.
Then when the eastern ends were firmly fastened, the heavens and the earth were far extended.
2 Mighty in mind and power is Visvakarman, Maker, Disposer, and most lofty Presence.
Their offerings joy in rich juice where they value One, only One, beyond the Seven Ṛṣis.
3 Father who made us, he who, as Disposer, knoweth all races and all things existing,
Even he alone, the Deities’ narne-giver,him other beings seek for information.
4 To him in sacrifice they offered treasures,—Ṛṣis of old, in numerous troops, as singers,
Who, in the distant, near, and lower region, made ready all these things that have existence.
5 That which is earlier than this earth and heaven, before the Asuras and Gods had being,—
What was the germ primeval which the waters received where all the Gods were seen together?
6 The waters, they received that germ primeval wherein the Gods were gathefed all together.
It rested set upon the Unborn’s navel, that One wherein abide all things existing.
7 Ye will not find him who produced these creatures: another thing hath risen up among you.
Enwrapt in misty cloud, with lips that stammer, hymn-chanters wander and are discontented.

Yajur Veda Taitriya Samhitai (Translated by Arthur Berriedale Keith [1914])
4. 3. 3. This explains the pancha gothra rishis

a The east of the quarters; the spring of the seasons; Agni the deity; holy power the wealth; the Trivrt the Stoma, and it forming the path of the fifteenfold (Stoma); the eighteen-month-old calf the strength; the Krta of throws of dice; the east wind the wind; Sanaga the Rsi.
b The south of the quarters; the summer of the seasons; Indra the deity; the kingly power the wealth; the fifteenfold the Stoma, and it forming the path of the seventeenfold (Stoma); the two-year-old the strength; the Treta of throws; the south wind the wind; Sanatana, the Rsi.
c The west of the quarters; the rains of the seasons; the All-gods the deity; the peasants [1] the wealth; the seventeenfold the Stoma, and it forming the path of the twenty-onefold (Stoma); the three-year-old the strength; the Dvapara of throws; the west wind the wind; Ahabuna the Rsi.
d The north of the quarters; the autumn of the seasons; Mitra and Varuna the deity; prosperity the wealth; the twenty-onefold the Stoma; and it forming a path of the twenty-sevenfold (Stoma); the four-year-old the strength; the Askanda of throws; the north wind the wind; Pratna the Rsi.
e The zenith of the quarters; the winter and the cool season of the seasons; Brhaspati the deity; radiance the wealth; the twenty-sevenfold the Stoma, and it forming a path of the thirty-threefold; the draught ox the strength; the Abhibhu of throws; the wind all through the wind; Suparna the Rsi.
f Fathers, grandfathers, near and far, may they protect us, may they help us, in this holy power, this lordly power, this prayer, this Purohita-ship, this rite, this invocation of the gods.
4. 6. 2. This gives the explanation of viswakarma suktam of Yajur veda

a He who sat down, offering all these beings,
As Hotr, the seer, our father,
He seeking wealth with prayer,
Hath entered into the boon of the first of coverers.
b Since Viçvakarman is mighty in mind,
Disposer, ordainer, and highest seer,
Their offerings rejoice in food,
Where say they is one beyond the seven Rsis.
c He who is our father, our begetter, the ordainer,
Who begot us from being unto being [1],
Who alone assigneth their names to the gods,
Him other beings approach for knowledge.
d Wealth they won by offering to him
The seers of old like singers in abundance,
They who fashioned these beings illumined and unillumined
In the expanse of space.
e Ye shall not find him who produced this world;
Another thing shall be betwixt you;
Enveloped in mist and with stammering
The singers of hymns move enjoying life.
f Beyond the sky, beyond this [2] earth,
Beyond the gods, what is secret from the Asuras,
What germ first did the waters bear,
When all the gods came together?
g This germ the waters first bore,
When all the gods came together;
On the navel of the unborn is set the one
On which doth rest all this world.
h Viçvakarman, the god, was born;
Then second the Gandharva;
Third the father, begetter of plants [31
In many a place did he deposit the germ of the waters.
i Father of the eye, the sage with his mind,
Produced these two worlds rich in ghee,
When the fore ends were made firm,
Then did sky and earth extend.
k With eyes on every side, with a face on every side,
With hands on every side, with feet on every side,
The one god producing sky and earth
Welds them together with arms, with wings.
l What was the basis?
Which and what his support?
When producing earth [4] Viçvakarman, all-seeing,
Disclosed the sky with his might.
m What was the wood, and what the tree,
Whence they formed sky and earth?
O ye wise ones, inquire with your minds
On what he stood as he supported the worlds.
n Thy highest, lowest,
Midmost abodes here, O Viçvakarman,
In the offering do thou teach thy comrades, O faithful one;
Do thou thyself sacrifice to thyself, rejoicing.
o The lord of speech, Viçvakarman,
Let us invoke this day to aid us [5], thought yoked for strength,
May he delight in our nearest offerings,
He with all healing, to aid (us), the doer of good deeds.
p O Viçvakarman, waxing great with the oblation,
Do thou thyself sacrifice to thyself rejoicing;
May the others around, our foes, be confused;
May our patrons here be rich.
q O Viçvakarman, with the oblation as strengthening,
Thou didst make Indra, the protector, free from scathe,
To him the clans of old bowed in homage,
That he might be dread, to be severally invoked.
r To the ocean, the moving,
The lord of streams, homage!
To the lord of all the streams
Do ye offer, to Viçvakarman,
Through all the days the immortal offering.

Sama Veda (Translated. by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1895])
Book 7, Chapter 3, This gives the explanation of viswakarma suktam of Sama veda
IX Visvakarman

1. Bring, Visvakarman strengthened by oblation, thyself, thy body-’tis thine own-for worship
Let other men around us live in folly here let us have’, a rich and liberal patron!

  Atharva Veda (Translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith)

VISWAKARMA HYMN Kanda 2: Hymn 35

This gives the explanation of Viswakarma Suktam of Atharva Veda

  1. We who enjoying it have grown no richer, for whom the sacred altar-fires have sorrowed, We who compounded with deficient worship, — may Visvakarman make our service prosper.

 2. Rishis have called the sacrifice’s patron amerced through sin, sorrowing for his offspring.Those drops of meath whereof the missed enjoyment, — may   Visvakarman with those drops unite us.

 3. Regarding niggard churls as Soma-drinkers, skilful in sacrifice, weak at the meeting. Whatever sin the captive hath committed, do thou for weal release him, Visvakarman!

4. Awful are Rishis: unto them be homage, and to their eye and truthfulness of spirit! Loud homage to Brihaspati, O mighty! Homage to thee, O Visvakarman! Guard us.

 5.   The eye of sacrifice, source, and beginning – with voice, ear, and  spirit    unto him I offer. To this our sacrifice wrought by Viswakarman may the Gods come gracious and kindly hearted. 

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