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I have seen that some of our friends are making claim that our community is equal to Brahmins or above. I feel pity of them because making such claims and dream for a future having dignity and power in the society equal to or above Brahmins is just like the dream of a milkmaid. Do you ever think that why even our younger generation can not proudly disclose their caste or community in their workplace or friends circle. I can not blame them because we are not in a position in the society to be proud of our caste. Simple boasting will not change the realities.

Nobody will accept our claim even if it is true. Simply because they do not want to give a chance to other community to share their bread they are enjoying so many years . So try to understand the realities of the present situation. Please make proposals to overcome the crisis we are facing to become at least number third or fourth in the society. Instead of making false dreams or claims which any of the others in the society may not accept ,We should think of What is urgently required to get this status in the present Indian society, in a practical and possible way.

Everybody knows that political leaders are the king in the modern setup. They decide the share of bread in the society. Nobody is equal to God in Politics. So they share the bread considering the return they get in turn. Politics is the apt place for any community or individual to grow high and high. No political party will consider an individual or a community for the fruits unless they can contribute to their victory in their political war. Have you think that how Ezhavas or Christians or Muslims achieve their political status or due share of the bread from this political kings. These communities are concentrated in the society in such a way that they are become the vote banks in their area. So politicians have to approach them and consider or accept their demands in bargains, if they wish to success in the elections.

When these communities understand their majority status in each election they started their bargain in the politics. These background forces are controlling the Government in power. So any government cannot avoid their voice or demands. Now think of our majority status in the society. Unfortunately we are spread in the society for the convenience of job security in earlier days. But the present situation has drastically changed. We have gone backward from our jobs and other community members have got the steering wheel. So even in the jobs, which our community got ancestrally, others are selected in government setup. We can not ensure our professional skills in our own jobs but others claim it and succeed in it. A certificate is enough to get a job in govt. service, which our children can not achieve due to various reasons. In Professional Colleges or Polytechnics even in such courses in which our jobs are the main subjects, we haven’t due reservation. But others who have not at all any connection with these jobs as a part of their caste system got higher reservation. How this has happened. The answer is simple, Give and Take policy of the present politics. Other communities who are not vote banks have no voice to oppose this unhealthy and ridiculous system of reservation. Everybody knows that those who enjoy the fruits of reservation are no longer deserve it. They are the richest or educationally in high status in the society. Consider any field in the society, Business, Education, Govt. Job etc., those who enjoy the reservation are in high status in these fields. But still they are enjoying the majority reservation.

Nobody can question them or any government can show the courage of changing the present reservation system fearing the loss of vote in the next political war or an immediate crisis to be faced by the Govt. Even the creamy layer system is a whip to the communities like us as long as reservation is considered. I may be wrong in what I suggested above. So I hope you will think over it and share your views. I am happy to share my thoughts with you. So please write what you think and convey your thought for the others. I am also happy to become a member of the community site of ours to share my thoughts.


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