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DP Vishwakarma launched his book Career Crush with Srishti Publishers

New Delhi : Srishti Publishers, one of India’s fastest-growing traditional publishing houses launched the new book ‘Career Crush’. From the pen of renowned Author & Internet entrepreneur DP Vishwakarma, this book is a must-read for all those who wish to achieve success in their life and career. DP Vishwakarma is the founder of the company KeywordsFly Technology. He is known for his work in Digital Marketing and Growth Marketing for startups and businesses. The book was officially released release on all digital platforms. Amazon link –

He is also the author of the award-winning book series- “The Growth Hacking Book.” In the Golden Book of World Records, DP Vishwakarma’s name holds a world record in: “Most Nationalities Contributing to a Business Book.” He is also a professional Blogger & speaker and his work methodology rests on providing the best possible tactics and practices that even a newbie can get hold of in a jiffy. Celebrated in the industry for his unique management skills and willingness to guide the new generation, he has cultivated start-ups like KeywordsFly Technology Pvt. Ltd.

This book is designed to help you create an action plan for success – help you find your real passion, give you tips on how to zero down on the right career path, insightful solutions to challenges that might dot your growth journey, help develop self-confidence and a personality that leads you to success and ways to channelize available resources for maximum returns. Chapters of the book are supported by key takeaways so you can relate to the chapters easily. The book also supports students, unemployed, working professionals, or entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their careers but are confused about it.

Commenting on the book launch Arup Bose Publisher at Srishti Publisher said “We are happy to have published DP Vishwakarma’s new book, Career Crush. This book encapsulates all the practical knowledge that DP has gathered over the years from his learnings and from his own experience in his career. This book is an answer to many unattended questions and also provides a vision for passionate, aspiring youngsters.”

DP Vishwakarma author of the book said “Anyone can be stuck at any point in their career. It doesn’t matter whether they’re making money or struggling to get a job. In general, maximum people are confused and seeking career counseling about how to follow their passion and monetize it. “Career Crush”, aims to resolve the conflicts in mind while choosing a career option that you are genuinely passionate about. Each chapter of the book focuses on identifying a particular problem and providing a practical approach that you can use to build a growth mindset”.

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